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Hey there! Call me Vito Medlej. I enjoy creating kickass websites and web/mobile apps, ones that suit your desires and needs using latest technologies and cleanest design patterns.

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"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up." – Oliver Wendell Holmes

You‘re Safe And in Good Hands

Customer satisfaction comes first, and in order to do that I decided to pickup skills and principles to provide quality service.

Continuous support

I will advance your web-based software to keep it efficient, competitive on the market. Using a well-established DevOps processes, It helps me roll out urgent updates within few hours and release new, planned functional modules every other week.

Back-end development

I accurately implement the business logic of your web app on the back end. I always rely on proven frameworks to ensure fast and quality coding. And I build well structured APIs to integrate your web app with corporate or third-party systems and services

Frontend design/dev

As a web expert I tend to closely analyze the user audience to understand their needs and reflect these findings in UI design. Having agreed on the look and feel of a web app with project stakeholders, I push to bring it to life with smart front-end technologies.

Tools Of The Present And Future

Frontend technologies I prefer using


React js/native















Other technologies


Laravel PHP








Redis DB



Successful Projects I'm Proud Of

No better way to get experience than real-life projects

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Zekra For Natural Cosmetics

The owners of Zekra realized that social media isn't enough, since they aren't getting enough sales. Our web solution certainly helped them grow online.

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Powerhouse European Appliances

Powerhouse serves as an online platform to provide Lebanese customers with access to European electronics through social media. Our full e-commerce site increased Powerhouse's online presence and boosted sales with significant measurable results.

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TeenTops Electronics

Teentops is an online electronics store that lacked online presence. With a full plan I was able to build the site, from designing the frontend, developing the API, and ensuring the site was fully optimized for SEO. As a result, we were able to significantly increase customer trust and engagement with the brand.

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Elvito real-estate buy/sell project

Elvito Property is simply a real estate website that offers images, tours, and information about various real estate properties all across Lebanon. It was built t o assist Lebanese citizens find a cheap homes to buy or rent, and help landlords sell their properties faster and more securly. This application has 5 different categories and full auth system with yet to be completed dashboard. Nextjs and mongodb were used in this project

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About Me, Im Vito Medlej

A 20-year-old Lebanon-based software developer. I first started developing games using Unity3D, but soon realized I preferred web and mobile app development, and I've been building and working on that for the past 3 years now.

Being self-taught made me appreciate education; thus, I'm studying Management Information Systems simultaneously. Business and technology are both my passions.

Aside from working hard, I tend to enjoy simple things like reading, petting cats, more

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Hi, my name is Vito Medlej and I have created the OnBeirut Agency which aims to solve various issues small lebanese businesses face. You are free to use the website as a template for yourself as long as you give credit.



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